CD Quality Sacred Christian Music

Sacred Christian Music

Worshiping God is a privilege believers share. Not only do we get to worship God here on this earth, but we get to do so for all eternity. The question that has been raging in churches throughout America and the world is, "What styles of worship are acceptable to God?" Sadly many churches have answered that question by adopting a man-centered philosophy where the modern pop/rock music has been brought into the church by men seeking to fill pews. But is God pleased by this? We at Calvary Broadcasting would answer that question with a resounding, "No!"

In Leviticus 10, Nadab and Abihu failed to worship God properly by offering strange fire before the Lord. God however was not pleased with their actions and responded by sending fire from heaven to devour them. God does not tolerate man modifying worship to suit his own purposes. Worship of a holy God requires us to carefully observe every command He has given us. And that worship must be done in a way that is in keeping with His holy attributes. Throughout Scripture we see truths about God's character such as God's majesty (Psalm 8:9), His glory (John 1:14 & Hebrews 1:3), and the order and beauty of God's creation (Nehemiah 9:6 & Psalm 139:13-14). The chaos, disorder, and angry sounds of rock music are inharmonious and antithetical to the truths Scripture presents about out God. In Romans 12:1 we learn that believers are to present our bodies as living sacrifices to the Lord. This isn't something that just takes place on Sunday. This is something we do continually throughout the week. Romans 12:2 goes on to say that we must be transformed by renewing our minds. How can we present a sacrifice to God by offering worldly music to Him? How can we think God is pleased when the style of the music does not reflect the beauty of His created order?

We at Calvary Broadcasting are firmly committed to only airing sacred Christian hymns and spiritual songs because we believe that sacred music reflects the holiness, beauty, and character of our God. Because of this, we exclusively air sacred Christian music on this station and refrain from playing the worldly sounds of contemporary Christian music (CCM). We use a mixture of wonderful old hymns as well as songs written by song writers who are alive today. While we recognize that there are numerous recordings of great hymns of the faith recorded on vinyl records back in the 1940-70s, we also recognize that the quality of some of these recordings is not on par with modern CD recordings. We believe in excellence - both in song selections and in the technical recording quality of the music. As such, we only air sacred Christian music that was recorded on CD or has been digitally remastered to be of CD quality. We believe that the CD-quality, sacred music we air provides the excellence needed to minimize distraction and to focus our minds upon the Lord. We hope that the music played on the air will direct your minds heavenward and will help you to worship God throughout each day.