Who We Are

Calvary Broadcasting's board of directors is comprised of individuals who have the desire to spread the message of the Gospel through internet broadcasting and edify believers through traditional hymns. Internet radio provides an opportunity to spread the Gospel to those who have never trusted Christ as Savior. It can help to meet the spiritual needs of those seeking spiritual help. In addition, Christian internet radio can guide people into Christ-centered churches which will enable them to become vibrant members of the body of Christ.

Not only is it an outreach tool, Christian internet radio is also a tool which can edify believers and help each of us to grow to become more like Christ. Through traditional hymns and sacred music, believers can worship God in any place at any time. The Christ-honoring music helps to focus our minds on spiritual truths as we serve God each week. Our prayer is that the ministry of Calvary Broadcasting will be a blessing to you, to your friends, and to your family. Thank you for listening!